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Kathy Smith
Williams Center

I have been working with Pat Gordon, aka Lulu Pokinghorn, since 1988. She took over the plant maintenance in both the Twin Towers and the Merrill Lynch Building at that time. The Twin Towers has a three-story atrium in which we had previously installed materials that were doing very poorly. Pat accepted the contract and the challenge to totally redesign the atrium and convince us that we could indeed grow trees in our building. She did a great job then and she continues to do a great job in Tucson and elsewhere. In the process, she also won the Arizona award for Maintenance in facilities this size.

Kathleen Ward
Property Manager, Tucon Medical Center HealthCare

I have used Lulu Pokinghorn to maintain the many decorative plants we have at our 2-story 45,000 SF building at Ina and Shannon for almost four years. The plants were in place when I became Property Manager of Tucson Medical Center in 2000. I would highly recommend this business, owned by Pat Gordon, for a number of reasons. First and foremost she is an expert in her field. The plants received outstanding care and always looked healthy and full. Secondly, she is one of the most responsive vendors I use. If there is ever a problem, she has staff out at the building on the same day and the problem is remediated immediately and Pat calls me to give me a report on what was done to solve the problem and what she wil do in the future to make sure it doesn't recur. In the process of a number of our tenants moving out of this building, half a dozen plants disappeared. She quickly informed me of this, provided a complete write-up of the plants, container sizes and costs which then enabled me to recover most of the loss. I will use her in the future as the need arises.

John Lewis
President, Southern Arizona Community Bank

I am delighted to share with you my memorable experience with Pat Gordon and her company, LuLu Pokinghorn. I have known Pat for over 25 years. I was fortunate to be a small part in the creation of her company in the mid-70's. I left First Interstate Bank after 32 years to become president of an independent bank in Tucson, Arizona. The challenge of opening the bank was minor compared to the remodel of an old bank building 30 years old. After a remodel period of close to six months we're close to celebrating our 2nd anniversary. A significant reason behind our success has been how the bank is "presented" to our customers when they walk through the door. It is difficult to describe the feeling Pat created throughout the bank with her silk flowers, trees, saguaro cactus ribs, barbed wire, etc. Visitors and customers alike have been in from all over the United States to see our bank. The warmth and comfortable feeling Pat created for us is unmatched anywhere else in Tucson. I am proud to have Pat Gordon and her company be such an integral part of our past and future success.

Georgeann Casey

After shopping around and being flabbergasted at the over-the-top prices for large houseplants here in Tucson, I contacted Lulu Pokinghorn. The service was prompt, the choices were vast, the

prices were right, and the large, beautiful plants I bought from Pat Gordon are still thriving three years later. Bonus: Pat is fun to work with.