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We Are Your Trusted and Vetted Indoor Plant Styling Experts In Tucson

How do you feel in your home, your office and personal spaces? Look does the relationship of the space to your needs reflect itself in better health, less stress, sharper cognitive skills? We can bring an additional energy to theses spaces with vibrant, lush greenery inside your home or office. We can make the magic happen with creative interiorscape designs supported by excellence in spatial awareness and an understanding of how spaces really work to support humans.

Lulu Pokinghorn is your trusted partner who can enhance the architecture of your spaces, transforming them into living, breathing environments where well-being and productivity flourish.

Why Choose Lulu Pokinghorn for Your Indoor Landscaping Needs?

We understand that each space, like each client, has its own personality and needs. Being Tucson's premier plant care specialists for 47 years with an a reputation for excellence, we craft each project with care and creativity, whether you want to brighten a small, cozy corner or redefine the atmosphere of a vast commercial space.

Our indoor landscaping specialists can transform your vision into reality with:

  • Expert Consultation - Before getting started, we sit down with you and talk about your space, your lifestyle and particular needs. Our indoor plant design consultants recommend a thoughtful selection of plants to bring your vision to life.

  • Seamless Integration - For us, your space is like a canvas, and adding a plant is like a brush stroke that creates a beautiful design, elevating your space's architectural elements.

  • Sustainable Practices - Our commitment is not limited to elevating the aesthetics of an existing decor. It extends to the well-being of all plants, using eco-friendly materials that are as good for the planet as they are for your space.

What Services Does Lulu Pokinghorn Offer?

We offer more than just plant styling—we provide a full spectrum of indoor landscaping services to ensure that your plants remain as fresh as the day they were installed:

  • Customized Design - Each design we create is a reflection of you, carefully tailored to harmonize with your unique space.

  • Professional Installation - Our professionals take care of everything. All you have to do is enjoy the seamless setup of your new plants by our skilled technicians without lifting a finger.

  • Ongoing Maintenance - With our regular and reliable indoor plant maintenance, we ensure your plants stay healthy in the Tucson climate.

  • Plant Leasing - Want to enhance your space with the beauty of nature without a permanent commitment? You can lease your favorites for a year or two, adding lush green design elements that grow with you and your space.

How Can Indoor Plants Benefit You?

Picture yourself working or relaxing in a space that's filled with beautiful furniture and art supported by nature that breathes life into that hardscape. Believe it or not, plants do more than merely beautify the indoors—they enhance your quality of life, purify the air, and lift up your spirits.

At Lulu Pokinghorn, we use evidence-based design to strategically place plants to boost mood and productivity and reduce stress.

Tucson's Premier Plant Care Specialist—What Makes Us Different?

As interior plant care specialists, we don't just provide plants—we build relationships and ensure your indoor environment remains beautiful and beneficial year-round. We understand that your space is evolving, just like your life, and we adapt our care to meet your changing needs.

Expert Team - Our team of indoor plant care specialists servicing Tucson is not only knowledgeable but also passionate about what they do.

Adaptable Solutions - We cater to both residential and commercial clients, understanding the different needs and scales of various spaces.

Proactive Care - We monitor plant health and make necessary adjustments to keep your space looking its best.

How Do You Get Started with Indoor Plant Arrangement Services in Tucson?

Getting started with us is simple.

  • Consultation - Share your vision, and we will craft a plan that brings your space to life

  • Design - Review and approve the personalized designs created just for you

  • Installation and Care - Sit back and relax as we handle everything from installation to ongoing care.

Contact us today, and let one of our indoor plant design consultants guide you through the process. We'll discuss your needs, preferences, and the specific characteristics of your space to ensure our solutions meet your expectations.

Ready to Transform Your Space?

Bring nature indoors and turn your spaces into sanctuaries of health, productivity, and beauty. Whether you are looking for a temporary touch of green with our plant leasing service or are interested in creating lasting greenery, our indoor plant styling experts will be right beside you.

Partner with us and create healthier, more engaging indoor environments. Contact us today to explore our interior landscaping solutions and discover how plants can make a real difference in your everyday life.